Urban Form and Conservation Lab.

Department of Architecture & Architecture engineering




In the Urban Form and Conservation Lab at the Seoul National University, we explore many layers of characteristics and meanings of historic, cultural, as well as ordinary places in order to draw substantial implications for planning and design for better qualities of every-day living environments. We search and research the following themes and topics, which are intimately connected with one another.

Themes & Topics

Theme 1: urban conservation

· Interpretation of places and heritages
· Conservation of historic areas
· Regeneration of urban cores and local communities

Theme 2: neighborhood design for pedestrians

· Streets for pedestrians
· Walkable neighborhood design
· Neighborhood attractions, public spaces, and local markets

Theme 3: urban design policy

· Participatory community planning
· Design reviews
· Plans and Plan-making


Contact Information

39-#510, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Seoul National University
1 Gwanak-ro, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, 151-744
South Korea
T. +82-2-880-4313
E. uaseo10@snu.ac.kr