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Books and Edited Volumes


서울의 미래2 :도전받는 공간

SoHyun Park, “Regeneration of Seattle’s Pioneer Square Historic District” in Dongjin Kang et al., The Future of Seoul 2: Challenged Spaces, Seoul Research Institute, 2017


역사와 문화를 활용한 도시재생 이야기

SoHyun Park, “2040 Seoul Seniors’ Neighborhood Walking, A Hopeful Scenario”, Urban Regeneration through History and Culture, Seoul, Hanoul Academy, 2017


동네 걷기, 동네 계획

Sohyun Park, Yeemyung Choi, Seo Hanlim, Walking and Planning Town, SPACE Books Press, 2015


도시설계의 이해

Sohyun Park, Yeemyung Choi, “Walking City” in Urban Design Institute of Korea ed. Understanding Urban Design, Bo-sung-gak Press, 2014



Sohyun Park, “Residential Site Planning” in Korea Planning Association. Site Planning, Bo-sung-gak Press, 2014


우리, 마을만들기

SoHyun Park, “Happy Korea Project: Reflections on Community Design in Korea” in Kiho Kim et al., Us, Ma-eul- man-deul-gi, Community Design in Korea, Seoul, Namudosi, 2012



SoHyun Park, Hyunchan Ahn, “Urban Design: Participation and Historic & Cultural Conservation” in Urban Design Institute of Korea, History of Urban Design in Korea 1960-2010, Seoul, Bo-sung-gak Press, 2012


한국의 도시설계

SoHyun Park, “Landscape Agreement and Community Design: a Case Study of Yong-ma Village in Joonggok- dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea” in Urban Design Institute of Korea, Case Projects of Urban Design in Korea, Bo-sung-gak Press, 2011


Urban Design of the World

SoHyun Park, “Pedestrian Mall of Denver’s Downtown: 16th Street Mall” in Heewon Hwang et al., Urban Design of the World, Bo-sung-gak Press, 2010


도시사랑, 도시디자인 : 살기좋은 도시를 만듭시다

SoHyun Park, “Urban Design Issues in Residential Neighborhoods of Single-detached homes and Low-rise multi- family housing in Seoul” and “Urban Design Issues of Transportation Facilities in Seoul” in Seoul Design Foundation, City Love and City Design: Let’s Make Livable City, Seoul: City of Seoul’s Design Foundation, 2010